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Lisa Wafle & Paul Merk

Campground, Resort & RV Park Experts

Our background and experience:

We both have a long history of camping ourselves which gives us a perspective on campgrounds from a customer’s view as well as that of someone with experience in selling them.

Collectively we have sold over fifteen Campgrounds / Resorts / RV Parks over the past fifteen years. We pay attention to detail and understand the complexity that can be part of selling campgrounds. We are passionate about marketing and selling campgrounds and it shows in our sales efforts.

We have both been consistent sales leaders in Castle Rock Realty for many years and are always thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing our listings.

What you can expect from us:

We are committed to providing full service to all of our campground listing clients. We are NOT another listing hub that puts your property on a website and waits for you to sell it so we can reappear just to collect our commission check. We tour each campground, obtain as much information as the seller is willing to provide, take pictures (including aerial photos if possible), represent your property personally with any potential buyers or other real estate offices representing a buyer.

We are directly involved with the marketing and sale process from start to finish. We will personally make all of the closing arrangements as well as attend the closing in person to represent you and your interests.